Band of Horses

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Band of Horsesは約1:38の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (94% 確率):

  1. Everything All The Time cover The First Song
  2. Infinite Arms cover NW Apt.
  3. Cease To Begin cover Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
  4. Why Are You Ok cover Casual Party
  5. Acoustic At The Ryman cover Older
  6. No One's Gonna Love You cover No One's Gonna Love You
  7. Why Are You Ok cover In a Drawer
  8. Cease To Begin cover Marry Song
  9. Infinite Arms cover Laredo
  10. Cease To Begin cover Islands on the Coast
  11. Why Are You Ok cover Throw My Mess
  12. Everything All The Time cover St. Augustine
  13. Infinite Arms cover Dilly
  14. Everything All The Time cover The Great Salt Lake
  15. Everything All The Time cover Weed Party
  16. Cease To Begin cover Is There a Ghost
  17. もっと #1

  18. Everything All The Time cover The Funeral
  19. Cease To Begin cover The General Specific



  1. New Slang
  2. Australia
  3. Simple Song
The Shins Photo

The Shins

  1. Golden
  2. Wordless Chorus
  3. Tyrone
My Morning Jacket Photo

My Morning Jacket

  1. Don't Carry It All
  2. Sons & Daughters
  3. The Mariner's Revenge Song
The Decemberists Photo

The Decemberists

  1. Wide Eyes
  2. Airplanes
  3. Sun Hands
Local Natives Photo

Local Natives

  1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
  2. Soul Meets Body
  3. Crooked Teeth
Death Cab for Cutie Photo

Death Cab for Cutie

  1. Hang Me Up to Dry
  2. We Used to Vacation
  3. Hospital Beds
Cold War Kids Photo

Cold War Kids

  1. Fake Empire
  2. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  3. I Need My Girl
The National Photo

The National

  1. Eyes
  2. Lake Michigan
  3. Let My Love Open the Door
Rogue Wave Photo

Rogue Wave

  1. Lost Coastlines
  2. Unless It's Kicks
  3. Westfall
Okkervil River Photo

Okkervil River

  1. Can I Believe You
  2. Sunblind
  3. Wading In Waist-High Water
Fleet Foxes Photo

Fleet Foxes

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