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Marianas Trenchは約1:49の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (49% 確率):

  1. Phantoms cover Eleonora
  2. Phantoms cover Only the Lonely Survive
  3. Phantoms cover Echoes of You
  4. Ever After cover Stutter
  5. Here's To The Zeros cover Here's to the Zeros
  6. Pop 101 cover Pop 101
  7. Face The Music: The Ep cover Haven't Had Enough
  8. Rhythm Of Your Heart cover Rhythm of Your Heart
  9. Phantoms cover Glimmer
  10. Phantoms cover I Knew You When
  11. Masterpiece Theatre cover All to Myself
  12. no cover Don't Miss Me?
  13. no cover Cross My Heart / Celebrity Status
  14. Ever After cover Desperate Measures
  15. Ever After cover Fallout
  16. Masterpiece Theatre cover Good to You
  17. もっと #1

  18. Astoria cover One Love
  19. Astoria cover Who Do You Love
  20. Phantoms cover The Killing Kind

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  1. Better Days
  2. Perfect
  3. Kiss You Inside Out
Hedley Photo


  1. Angel With A Shotgun
  2. Stand Up
  3. Endlessly
The Cab Photo

The Cab

  1. Chelsea
  2. The Boys You Do (Get Back At You)
  3. Girls Freak Me Out
The Summer Set Photo

The Summer Set

  1. Tell Me I'm A Wreck
  2. Where Were You
  3. One More Song
Every Avenue Photo

Every Avenue

  1. Jamie All Over
  2. Miserable At Best
  3. Somebody That I Used To Know
Mayday Parade Photo

Mayday Parade

  1. Tounge Tied
  2. When I'm With You
  3. Candy Store feat. Ish
Faber Drive Photo

Faber Drive

  1. Goodnight Moon
  2. Rolling In The Deep
  3. When Dreaming Gets Drastic
Go Radio Photo

Go Radio

  1. Dear Maria, Count Me In
  2. Remembering Sunday
  3. Weightless
All Time Low Photo

All Time Low

  1. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
  2. Partners in Crime (feat. Ash Costello)
  3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Set It Off Photo

Set It Off

  1. Your Man
  2. Whoa Is Me
  3. Rich Girl$
Down With Webster Photo

Down With Webster

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