過去40回の演奏会のうち、Sugarlandでトップ10にヒットした曲 . New to Sugarland? Listen to the best songs first ()




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Sugarlandは約1:56の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (80% 確率):

  1. Bigger cover Bigger
  2. Love On The Inside cover All I Want to Do
  3. The Incredible Machine cover Stuck Like Glue
  4. Love On The Inside cover Want To
  5. Love On The Inside cover Already Gone
  6. Bigger cover Lean It On Back
  7. The Incredible Machine cover Little Miss
  8. no cover Tony
  9. Southern Gravity cover Trailer Hitch (Kristian Bush cover)
  10. Playing With Fire cover Unlove You (Jennifer Nettles cover)
  11. The Incredible Machine cover Incredible Machine
  12. Bigger cover Let Me Remind You
  13. Enjoy The Ride cover Settlin'
  14. no cover On a Roll / We Want the Funk / Billie Jean / Express Yourself
  15. Bigger cover Babe
  16. Love On The Inside cover It Happens
  17. Enjoy The Ride cover Stay
  18. Twice The Speed Of Life cover Baby Girl
  19. Twice The Speed Of Life cover Something More
  20. もっと #1

  21. Bigger cover Not the Only



  1. A Little Bit Stronger
  2. Suds in the Bucket
  3. Born to Fly
Sara Evans Photo

Sara Evans

  1. Valentine
  2. Independence Day
  3. This One's for the Girls
Martina McBride Photo

Martina McBride

  1. Best Days Of Your Life
  2. Red High Heels
  3. I Wonder
Kellie Pickler Photo

Kellie Pickler

  1. If I Die Young
  2. Better Dig Two
  3. DONE.
The Band Perry Photo

The Band Perry

  1. Life Is a Highway
  2. What Hurts the Most
  3. Bless the Broken Road
Rascal Flatts Photo

Rascal Flatts

  1. Boondocks
  2. Pontoon
  3. Little White Church
Little Big Town Photo

Little Big Town

  1. Beer For My Horses
  2. As Good as I Once Was
  3. I Love This Bar
Toby Keith Photo

Toby Keith

  1. Breathe
  2. This Kiss
  3. There You'll Be
Faith Hill Photo

Faith Hill

  1. Bye-Bye
  2. I'm Alright
  3. Heads Carolina, Tails California
Jo Dee Messina Photo

Jo Dee Messina

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