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過去40回の演奏会のうち、Richie Kotzenでトップ10にヒットした曲 . New to Richie Kotzen? Listen to the best songs first ()




Richie Kotzenは約1:13の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (63% 確率):

  1. Riot cover Riot
  2. The Essential Richie Kotzen cover War Paint
  3. The Essential Richie Kotzen cover Bad Situation
  4. Peace Sign cover Your Entertainer
  5. The Essential Richie Kotzen cover Love Is Blind
  6. Into The Black cover Doin' What the Devil Says to Do
  7. Peace Sign cover Peace Sign
  8. The Essential Richie Kotzen cover Fear
  9. Venom cover Venom
  10. もっと #1

  11. The Essential Richie Kotzen cover Help Me

Richie Kotzen Tour Map 2020

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22 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: デンマーク, オランダ, ドイツ, ポーランド, チェコ, ハンガリー, ルーマニア, ブルガリア, オーストリア, イタリア, フランス, スペイン, スイス, イギリス, etc.



  1. Elevate
  2. We Are One
  3. I'm No Angel
The Winery Dogs Photo

The Winery Dogs

  1. Walkin' the Dawg
  2. The Answer
  3. Freedom
Tony Spinner Photo

Tony Spinner

  1. To Be With You
  2. Wild World
  3. Take Cover
Mr. Big Photo

Mr. Big

  1. Highway Jones
  2. Pretty As You Please
  3. Peace Pipe
Cry of Love Photo

Cry of Love

  1. Hawking
  2. Fuzz Universe
  3. Get Out of My Yard
Paul Gilbert Photo

Paul Gilbert

  1. Electric Gypsy
  2. Cry for You
  3. Groove or Die
Andy Timmons Photo

Andy Timmons

  1. Everything Is Broken
  2. Blue on Black
  3. True Lies
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Photo

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

  1. Soul Mover
  2. Nights in White Satin
  3. Dark Star
Glenn Hughes Photo

Glenn Hughes

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