August Burns Red

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August Burns Redは約1:44の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (83% 確率):

  1. Constellations (remixed) cover Thirty and Seven
  2. Constellations (remixed) cover Existence
  3. Constellations (remixed) cover Ocean of Apathy
  4. Constellations cover White Washed
  5. Constellations cover Marianas Trench
  6. Constellations (remixed) cover The Escape Artist
  7. Constellations (remixed) cover Indonesia
  8. Constellations (remixed) cover Paradox
  9. Constellations (remixed) cover Meridian
  10. Constellations (remixed) cover Rationalist
  11. Constellations cover Meddler
  12. Constellations (remixed) cover Crusades
  13. もっと #1

  14. no cover Drum Solo
  15. Found In Far Away Places cover Ghosts
  16. Phantom Anthem cover Invisible Enemy
  17. Leveler cover Empire
  18. Messengers cover Composure



  1. Hook, Line and Sinner
  2. Sweetest Poison
  3. Hook, Line and Sinner
Texas in July Photo

Texas in July

  1. The Path
  2. Breaking the Mirror
  3. When Everything Means Nothing
Fit for a King Photo

Fit for a King

  1. Chemical
  2. Still Fly
  3. Dez Moines
The Devil Wears Prada Photo

The Devil Wears Prada

  1. My Own Grave
  2. Blinded
  3. The Sound Of Truth
As I Lay Dying Photo

As I Lay Dying

  1. Prey
  2. The Void
  3. Vice Grip
Parkway Drive Photo

Parkway Drive

  1. Long Way Down
  2. When Everything Falls
  3. Meet Me Half Way
Haste the Day Photo

Haste the Day

  1. Break The Cycle
  2. Devastator
  3. Fearless
For Today Photo

For Today

  1. Shadows Inside
  2. Hey Mister
  3. Forgive And Forget
Miss May I Photo

Miss May I

  1. Engine 45
  2. Aftermath
  3. Pressure Point
The Ghost Inside Photo

The Ghost Inside

  1. Endseekers
  2. Hush Yael
  3. Fissure
Oh, Sleeper Photo

Oh, Sleeper

  1. Fleshkiller
  2. I Am the Lion
  3. Dead Choir
Phinehas Photo


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