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過去40回の演奏会のうち、Big Time Rushでトップ10にヒットした曲 .




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Big Time Rushは約1:08の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (80% 確率):

  1. Elevate cover Windows Down
  2. Elevate cover Time of Our Life
  3. Music Sounds Better With You cover Music Sounds Better With U
  4. 24/seven cover Run Wild
  5. 24/seven cover Get Up
  6. 24/seven cover Song for You
  7. 24/seven cover Like Nobody's Around
  8. 24/seven cover Na Na Na
  9. Btr cover Worldwide
  10. Btr cover Boyfriend
  11. 24/seven cover Amazing
  12. Btr cover Til I Forget About You
  13. Elevate cover Elevate
  14. 24/seven cover Confetti Falling

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  1. Leave It All To Me (Theme from iCarly) (feat. Drake Bell)
  2. Kissin U
  3. About You Now
Miranda Cosgrove Photo

Miranda Cosgrove

  1. On My Own
  2. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - From "Teen Beach Movie"
  3. I Feel The Love
Ross Lynch Photo

Ross Lynch

  1. Glad You Came
  2. Chasing The Sun
  3. Walks Like Rihanna
The Wanted Photo

The Wanted

  1. Leave Before You Love Me (with Jonas Brothers)
  2. Sucker
  3. Only Human
Jonas Brothers Photo

Jonas Brothers

  1. I Feel The Love
  2. Smile
  3. Heart Made Up On You
R5 Photo


  1. All I Ever Need
  2. Mmm Yeah (feat. Pitbull)
  3. Shadow
Austin Mahone Photo

Austin Mahone

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