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過去40回の演奏会のうち、Jesse McCartneyでトップ10にヒットした曲 .




Jesse McCartneyは約0:55の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (60% 確率):

  1. Beautiful Soul cover She's No You
  2. Departure cover Leavin'
  3. no cover Selfless
  4. Departure cover How Do You Sleep?
  5. Right Where You Want Me cover Just So You Know
  6. Shake cover Shake
  7. Spirit cover Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover)
  8. Better With You cover Better With You
  9. もっと #1

  10. Beautiful Soul cover Beautiful Soul

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  1. Crush
  2. Christmas Every Day
  3. A Little Too Not Over You
David Archuleta Photo

David Archuleta

  1. Leave Before You Love Me (with Jonas Brothers)
  2. Sucker
  3. Only Human
Jonas Brothers Photo

Jonas Brothers

  1. Potential Breakup Song
  2. Potential Breakup Song
  3. Slow Dancing
Aly & AJ Photo

Aly & AJ

  1. 30/90 (from "tick, tick... BOOM!" Soundtrack from the Netflix Film)
  2. Therapy
  3. Boho Days
Vanessa Hudgens Photo

Vanessa Hudgens

  1. This Is Me
  2. Go It Alone (From Rumble)
  3. Wouldn't Change a Thing - From "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam"
Joe Jonas Photo

Joe Jonas

  1. True
  2. On the Way Down
  3. I Will Remember You
Ryan Cabrera Photo

Ryan Cabrera

  1. Rumors
  2. Ultimate
  3. Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) - Radio
Lindsay Lohan Photo

Lindsay Lohan

  1. Call It Like I See It
  2. Boyfriend
  3. Worldwide
Big Time Rush Photo

Big Time Rush

  1. I See the Light - From "Tangled"
  2. When Will My Life Begin? - From "Tangled" / Soundtrack Version
  3. I've Got a Dream - From "Tangled"/Soundtrack Version
Mandy Moore Photo

Mandy Moore

  1. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  2. With You
  3. I Wanna Love You Forever
Jessica Simpson Photo

Jessica Simpson

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