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MercyMeは約1:46の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (54% 確率):

  1. Lifer cover Best News Ever
  2. Lifer cover You Found Me
  3. Welcome To The New cover Shake
  4. Lifer cover Grace Got You
  5. Welcome To The New cover Flawless
  6. Lifer cover Ghost
  7. Welcome To The New cover Greater
  8. The Generous Mr. Lovewell cover Move
  9. Welcome To The New cover Dear Younger Me
  10. Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1 cover Go Rest High on That Mountain (Vince Gill cover)
  11. Almost There cover I Can Only Imagine
  12. All That Is Within Me cover God With Us
  13. no cover Everybody Hurts
  14. Lifer cover Even If
  15. Almost Home cover Almost Home
  16. Spirit Of The Glen cover Amazing Grace (John Newton cover)
  17. もっと #1

  18. Lifer cover We Win
  19. Lifer cover Happy Dance

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  1. Keep Me In The Moment - Radio Version
  2. Dead Man Walking
  3. Christ In Me
Jeremy Camp Photo

Jeremy Camp

  1. Nobody (feat. Matthew West)
  2. Who Am I
  3. Just Be Held
Casting Crowns Photo

Casting Crowns

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. The God Who Stays
  3. Hello, My Name Is
Matthew West Photo

Matthew West

  1. Good Good Father
  2. Who You Are To Me (feat. Lady A)
  3. How Great Is Our God
Chris Tomlin Photo

Chris Tomlin

  1. The Lion and the Lamb
  2. Redeemed
  3. I Know
Big Daddy Weave Photo

Big Daddy Weave

  1. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
  2. We Believe
  3. Your Love Never Fails
Newsboys Photo


  1. Soul On Fire (feat. All Sons & Daughters) (feat. All Sons & Daughters)
  2. I Need A Miracle
  3. God of Wonders
Third Day Photo

Third Day

  1. Control (Somehow You Want Me)
  2. Control (Acoustic)
  3. By Your Side
Tenth Avenue North Photo

Tenth Avenue North

  1. Come To the Table
  2. Smile (Single Mix)
  3. The Words I Would Say
Sidewalk Prophets Photo

Sidewalk Prophets

  1. Holy Spirit
  2. Defender
  3. This Could Change Everything
Francesca Battistelli Photo

Francesca Battistelli

  1. Love Broke Thru
  2. I just need U.
  3. Speak Life
tobyMac Photo


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