Ice Nine Kills

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Ice Nine Killsは約1:09の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (99% 確率):

  1. Thank God It's Friday cover Thank God It's Friday
  2. The Silver Scream cover The Jig Is Up
  3. The Silver Scream cover SAVAGES
  4. Every Trick In The Book cover Communion of the Cursed
  5. The Silver Scream cover A Grave Mistake
  6. Your Number's Up cover Your Number's Up
  7. The Silver Scream cover Rocking the Boat
  8. The Silver Scream cover Stabbing in the Dark
  9. Every Trick In The Book cover Me, Myself & Hyde
  10. The American Nightmare cover The American Nightmare
  11. もっと #1

  12. The Silver Scream cover It Is the End



  1. The Show Must Go on Prt. 1
  2. One in the Chamber
  3. To Play Hide and Seek with Jealousy
Famous Last Words Photo

Famous Last Words

  1. Ass Back Home
  2. Sleep Well, Darling
  3. Iron Hearted
Secrets Photo


  1. In Between
  2. Disease
  3. Hated
Beartooth Photo


  1. Another Life
  2. Voices
  3. Brand New Numb
Motionless in White Photo

Motionless in White

  1. You Belong With Me
  2. Follow My Voice
  3. Mark My Words
For All Those Sleeping Photo

For All Those Sleeping

  1. The Illusionist (feat. Tyler Carter)
  2. Giants Among Common Men
  3. The Cover Up
Jamie's Elsewhere Photo

Jamie's Elsewhere

  1. Nerve
  2. Only Steps Away
  3. Doublespeak
Myka, Relocate Photo

Myka, Relocate

  1. Faint
  2. Heavy Is The Weight (feat. Andy Mineo)
  3. The Old Me
Memphis May Fire Photo

Memphis May Fire

  1. BLURRY (out of place)
  2. what i am
  3. Machines
Crown the Empire Photo

Crown the Empire

  1. The Path
  2. Breaking the Mirror
  3. When Everything Means Nothing
Fit for a King Photo

Fit for a King

  1. Erase The Pain
  2. Let Down
  3. Fall
Palisades Photo


  1. Low
  2. Stitch
  3. Me Against Myself
Wage War Photo

Wage War

  1. Learning to Survive
  2. Glad You Came
  3. Carry the Weight
We Came as Romans Photo

We Came as Romans

  1. Sarcasm
  2. Don't You Dare Forget the Sun
  3. Keep Myself Alive
Get Scared Photo

Get Scared

  1. Someone You Loved
  2. Why Am I Like This?
  3. Misery
The Word Alive Photo

The Word Alive

  1. Habitual Decline
  2. Selective Sacrifice
  3. Bury Your Pain
Like Moths to Flames Photo

Like Moths to Flames

  1. The Taste Of Regret
  2. Live Love Die
  3. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (feat. Craig Owens)
In Fear and Faith Photo

In Fear and Faith

  1. Papercuts
  2. Eat Your Heart Out
  3. Ghost of You
Outline in Color Photo

Outline in Color

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