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過去40回の演奏会のうち、Jack Johnsonでトップ10にヒットした曲 .




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Jack Johnsonは約1:37の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (74% 確率):

  1. Sleep Through The Static cover If I Had Eyes
  2. On And On cover Taylor
  3. In Between Dreams cover Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
  4. In Between Dreams cover Good People
  5. Wasting Time (e-bundle No.3) cover Flake
  6. Brushfire Fairytales cover Inaudible Melodies
  7. Upside Down (uk Maxisingenhanced) cover Upside Down
  8. To The Sea cover You and Your Heart
  9. In Between Dreams cover Breakdown
  10. Brushfire Fairytales cover Bubble Toes
  11. On And On cover Wasting Time
  12. All The Light Above It Too cover Sunsets for Somebody Else
  13. In Between Dreams cover Banana Pancakes
  14. From Here To Now To You cover Shot Reverse Shot
  15. Brushfire Fairytales cover Mudfootball
  16. もっと #1

  17. In Between Dreams cover Do You Remember
  18. A-1-a cover A Pirate Looks at Forty (Jimmy Buffett cover)
  19. In Between Dreams cover Better Together

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  1. Free
  2. It Don't Matter
  3. Big Wave
Donavon Frankenreiter Photo

Donavon Frankenreiter

  1. I'm Yours
  2. Lucky
  3. I Won't Give Up
Jason Mraz Photo

Jason Mraz

  1. Sunshine
  2. All I Want For Christmas
  3. Mr. Pitiful
Matt Costa Photo

Matt Costa

  1. New Light
  2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
  3. Your Body Is a Wonderland
John Mayer Photo

John Mayer

  1. See the World
  2. Ain't No Reason
  3. Cassidy
Brett Dennen Photo

Brett Dennen

  1. La Mar
  2. La Mar
  3. Periscopes
The Beautiful Girls Photo

The Beautiful Girls

  1. Sweet Pea
  2. Arms Of A Woman
  3. Worry No More
Amos Lee Photo

Amos Lee

  1. Tell The World
  2. Rock & Roll
  3. OK, It's Alright with Me
Eric Hutchinson Photo

Eric Hutchinson

  1. Follow The Sun
  2. Spirit Bird
  3. Come Let Go
Xavier Rudd Photo

Xavier Rudd

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