Little Feat のコンサート

Little Featの次のコンサートに備える



過去40回の演奏会のうち、Little Featでトップ10にヒットした曲 .





Little Featは約1:29の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (77% 確率):

  1. Let It Roll cover Hate to Lose Your Lovin'
  2. Feats Don't Fail Me Now cover Feats Don't Fail Me Now
  3. Dixie Chicken cover Fat Man in the Bathtub
  4. Feats Don't Fail Me Now cover Oh Atlanta
  5. Waiting For Columbus cover Old Folks Boogie
  6. Sailin' Shoes cover Easy to Slip
  7. Time Loves A Hero cover Time Loves a Hero
  8. The Last Record Album cover Day or Night
  9. Sailin' Shoes cover Willin'
  10. Dixie Chicken cover Dixie Chicken
  11. Feats Don't Fail Me Now cover Tripe Face Boogie
  12. Waiting For Columbus cover Fat Man In The Bathtub
  13. Feats Don't Fail Me Now cover Spanish Moon
  14. Let It Roll cover Let It Roll

Little Feat Tour Map 2023

世界中でLittle Featを追いかけよう。ツアーでLittle Featをキャッチできる場所を探そう。



  1. Midnight Rider
  2. Ramblin' Man
  3. Melissa
The Allman Brothers Band Photo

The Allman Brothers Band

  1. Love the One You're With
  2. Colorado
  3. Pensamiento
Stephen Stills Photo

Stephen Stills

  1. Midnight Rider
  2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Live
  3. The Weight - Live
Gregg Allman Photo

Gregg Allman

  1. Can't You See
  2. Can't You See
  3. Fire on the Mountain
The Marshall Tucker Band Photo

The Marshall Tucker Band

  1. Rubin And Cherise
  2. Cats Under The Stars
  3. Lay Down Sally
Jerry Garcia Band Photo

Jerry Garcia Band

  1. Have A Little Faith In Me
  2. Mississippi Phone Booth
  3. Long Time Comin'
John Hiatt Photo

John Hiatt

  1. Soulshine
  2. Banks Of The Deep End
  3. Dreaming Out Loud [Feat. Ivan Neville, Ruthie Foster]
Gov't Mule Photo

Gov't Mule

  1. Sugaree
  2. Deal
  3. Let It Rock
Jerry Garcia Photo

Jerry Garcia

  1. Sweet Inspiration
  2. This Sky
  3. Crow Jane
The Derek Trucks Band Photo

The Derek Trucks Band

  1. Life's Been Good
  2. Rocky Mountain Way
  3. A Life of Illusion
Joe Walsh Photo

Joe Walsh

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