LL Cool J のコンサート

LL Cool Jの次のコンサートに備える



過去40回の演奏会のうち、LL Cool Jでトップ10にヒットした曲 .





LL Cool Jは約1:11の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (66% 確率):

  1. Mama Said Knock You Out cover Mama Said Knock You Out
  2. Mr. Smith cover Doin' It
  3. Bigger And Deffer cover I'm Bad
  4. Mama Said Knock You Out cover Around the Way Girl
  5. The Definition cover Headsprung
  6. Mama Said Knock You Out cover Jingling Baby
  7. Walking With A Panther cover Going Back to Cali
  8. もっと #1

  9. Bigger And Deffer cover I Need Love
  10. Mr. Smith cover Loungin' (Who Do Ya Luv)
  11. Radio cover Rock the Bells

LL Cool J Tour Map 2023

世界中でLL Cool Jを追いかけよう。ツアーでLL Cool Jをキャッチできる場所を探そう。



  1. Da Joint
  2. You Gots To Chill
  3. Never Seen Before
EPMD Photo


  1. Ain't No Half-Steppin'
  2. Smooth Operator
  3. Terra N Ya Era
Big Daddy Kane Photo

Big Daddy Kane

  1. Hip Hop Hooray
  2. Feel Me Flow
  3. O.P.P
Naughty by Nature Photo

Naughty by Nature

  1. 9mm Goes Bang
  2. The Bridge Is Over
  3. My Philosophy
Boogie Down Productions Photo

Boogie Down Productions

  1. Don't Sweat The Technique
  2. Know The Ledge
  3. Paid In Full
Eric B. Photo

Eric B.

  1. Cold Rock a Party
  2. Keep On, Keepin' On (feat. Xscape)
  3. Ruffneck
MC Lyte Photo

MC Lyte

  1. Now That We Found Love
  2. Is It Good To You
  3. Nuttin' But Love
Heavy D. & The Boyz Photo

Heavy D. & The Boyz

  1. Children's Story
  2. Street Talkin'
  3. Behind Bars
Slick Rick Photo

Slick Rick

  1. The Humpty Dance
  2. Same Song - Edit Version
  3. Kiss You Back - Single Version
Digital Underground Photo

Digital Underground

  1. Just a Friend
  2. Vapors
  3. Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz (Best Of)
Biz Markie Photo

Biz Markie

  1. Wild Wild West - Album Version - No Intro
  2. Wild Wild West
  3. How Ya Like Me Now
Kool Moe Dee Photo

Kool Moe Dee

  1. Friends
  2. Freaks Come Out at Night
  3. Five Minutes of Funk
Whodini Photo


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