Kenny Loggins コンサート セトリ

Kenny Loggins の次の コンサート リスト に備える 2024



過去40回の演奏会のうち、Kenny Logginsでトップ10にヒットした曲 .






Kenny Logginsは約1:50の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (99% 確率):

  1. Keep The Fire cover Keep the Fire
  2. High Adventure cover Heart to Heart
  3. Keep The Fire cover This Is It
  4. It's About Time cover It's About Time
  5. Outside: From The Redwoods cover What a Fool Believes
  6. Nightwatch cover Whenever I Call You Friend
  7. Return To Pooh Corner cover Return to Pooh Corner
  8. Farewell Concert 1976 cover Danny's Song
  9. Leap Of Faith cover If You Believe
  10. Celebrate Me Home cover Celebrate Me Home
  11. Outside: From The Redwoods cover Conviction of the Heart
  12. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - The Greatest Hits Of Kenny Loggins cover I'm Alright
  13. もっと #1

  14. Top Gun - Motion Picture Soundtrack cover Playing With the Boys
  15. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - The Greatest Hits Of Kenny Loggins cover Danger Zone
  16. Footloose cover Footloose
  17. もっと #2

  18. Vox Humana cover Forever

Kenny Loggins Tour Map 2024

世界中でKenny Logginsを追いかけよう。ツアーでKenny Logginsをキャッチできる場所を探そう。

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  1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
  2. We Built This City
  3. Sara
Starship Photo


  1. Through the Fire - From "Top Gun" Original Soundtrack
  2. Take It Higher - From "Over The Top" Soundtrack
  3. Mind Over Matter - From "Over The Top" Soundtrack
Larry Greene Photo

Larry Greene

  1. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
  2. Sailing
  3. Ride Like the Wind
Christopher Cross Photo

Christopher Cross

  1. Steal Away
  2. Hot Rod Hearts
  3. Free Fallin'
Robbie Dupree Photo

Robbie Dupree

  1. The Heat Is On - From "Beverly Hills Cop" Soundtrack
  2. Lover's Moon
  3. The One You Love
Glenn Frey Photo

Glenn Frey

  1. The Power Of Love
  2. Hip To Be Square
  3. Stuck With You
Huey Lewis and the News Photo

Huey Lewis and the News

  1. St Elmo's Fire (Anniversary Edition)
  2. St Elmo's Fire
  3. Restless Heart
John Parr Photo

John Parr

  1. Jingle Bell Rock - Daryl's Version
  2. You Make My Dreams (Come True)
  3. Maneater
Hall & Oates Photo

Hall & Oates

  1. Main Titles (You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun)
  2. Axel F
  3. Top Gun Anthem - From "Top Gun" Original Soundtrack
Harold Faltermeyer Photo

Harold Faltermeyer

  1. Jessie's Girl
  2. Don't Talk to Strangers
  3. I've Done Everything for You
Rick Springfield Photo

Rick Springfield

  1. Take Me Home Tonight
  2. Two Tickets to Paradise (2022 Remaster)
  3. Baby Hold On (2022 Remaster)
Eddie Money Photo

Eddie Money

  1. Valerie
  2. Higher Love
  3. Higher Love - Single Version
Steve Winwood Photo

Steve Winwood

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