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The Cure の次の コンサート リスト に備える 2024



過去40回の演奏会のうち、The Cureでトップ10にヒットした曲 .






The Cureは約3:47の間ステージ上にいる。これが以前のコンサートに基づくセットリストの予想です (99% 確率):

  1. 2022-11-06: Arena de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland cover Alone
  2. Disintegration cover Pictures of You
  3. no cover A Fragile Thing
  4. The Head On The Door cover A Night Like This
  5. Disintegration cover Lovesong
  6. 2022-11-06: Arena de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland cover And Nothing Is Forever
  7. The Crow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack cover Burn
  8. Staring At The Sea - The Singles cover Charlotte Sometimes
  9. The Head On The Door cover Push
  10. Seventeen Seconds cover Play for Today
  11. Seventeen Seconds cover A Forest
  12. Bestival Live 2011 cover Shake Dog Shake
  13. Wish cover From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
  14. 2022-11-06: Arena de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland cover Endsong
  15. もっと #1

  16. 2022-11-06: Arena de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland cover I Can Never Say Goodbye
  17. Curaetion-25: From There To Here | From Here To There cover It Can Never Be the Same
  18. Disintegration cover Plainsong
  19. Disintegration cover Disintegration
  20. もっと #2

  21. Greatest Hits cover Lullaby
  22. The Head On The Door cover Six Different Ways
  23. Greatest Hits cover The Walk
  24. Wish cover Friday I'm in Love
  25. The Head On The Door cover Close to Me
  26. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me cover Why Can't I Be You?
  27. Show cover In Between Days
  28. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me cover Just Like Heaven
  29. Three Imaginary Boys cover Boys Don't Cry
  30. もっと #3

  31. Wild Mood Swings cover Want
  32. もっと #4

  33. Seventeen Seconds cover At Night

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  1. Mr. Alphabet Says
  2. Perfect Murder
  3. Like An Animal
The Glove Photo

The Glove

  1. Spellbound
  2. The Passenger
  3. Cities In Dust
Siouxsie and the Banshees Photo

Siouxsie and the Banshees

  1. Bela Lugosi's Dead (Official Version)
  2. Dark Entries
  3. The Passion of Lovers
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  1. Blue Monday
  2. Blue Monday '88
  3. Bizarre Love Triangle
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New Order

  1. The Killing Moon
  2. Lips Like Sugar
  3. Bring on the Dancing Horses
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Echo & The Bunnymen

  1. Love Will Tear Us Apart - 2020 Remaster
  2. Disorder - 2007 Remaster
  3. Transmission - 2020 Digital Remaster
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Joy Division

  1. Just Like Honey
  2. Sometimes Always
  3. April Skies
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  1. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - 2011 Remaster
  2. Back to the Old House - 2011 Remaster
  3. This Charming Man - 2011 Remaster
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The Smiths

  1. Swamp Thing
  2. Don't Fall
  3. Second Skin
The Chameleons Photo

The Chameleons

  1. Attende Domine (Arranged by Julian Mendelsohn)
  2. Agnus Dei (Arranged by Julian Mendelsohn)
  3. Ave Maria (Arranged by Julian Mendelsohn)
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The Sisters of Mercy

  1. Enjoy the Silence
  2. Just Can't Get Enough
  3. Personal Jesus - Single Version
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  1. Cuts You Up
  2. A Strange Kind of Love - Version One
  3. All Night Long
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